Expeditionary Company

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‘Fifteen years ago, mists came upon the Lands of Zekáinar. This period is known as the Blackout. They were brought with the Meteorites and they decimated the human population…’


Your friends from Elmuria and Zekáinar need you, can they count on you?
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Your Story

Fifteen years ago the ‘Blackout’ descended upon the world. This intense storm of meteorites caused enormous destruction and what came next was even worse.

The Mists that arose from the meteorites ended life as had existed until that time. The dead rose from the grave, the living were corroded and mutated out of all recognition. Reality itself seemed to sicken and die.

None knew how to combat the shadows that were devouring the world, or the foul aberrations that emerged from the Mists.

It was the end of days.

Then the Auric came down in their ships.

These strange gold-armoured beings ringed Elmuria from the air with a yellowish powder, protecting the city from the surrounding, encroaching Mists. Later this substance came to be known as goldash, and the ring it formed as the Belt of Gold. At the time it was simply a miracle.

The Auric brought with them their cult of the Sun God, and this made sense to many. The Sun was, must be the victor in the eternal fight against darkness, against the Mists.

The Auric were the warriors of light. They brought goldash to protect the realm of men.

All hailed them as saviours!

It was soon clear that the Auric were not here to serve us, but to rule over us. In return for their goldash, they demanded control and tribute. They were to be as gods among us. Who could refuse? It was their price for saving the cities. For saving the world.

All cults but theirs were forbidden. All bodies or assemblies that could oppose their rule were dissolved. Writing, even reading, banned! All temples, palaces, storehouses, were now theirs. All in exchange for the goldash that allows the world to continue existing.

Seven cities were saved from destruction, and Elmuria was proclaimed the new capital of the realm. Everything was gone. Taken by the Mists.

To venture beyond the Belt of Gold is almost a death sentence.

But it must be done.

You, and your guards, are willing to take that risk. Your newly minted Expeditionary Company intends to make voyaging between the remaining cities safer, easier for merchants and producers, for anybody who needs to travel, even in these dying days of the world.

who will you choose as captain?

Select your guards. Stock up on Goldash. Agree contracts with guilds and other travellers. Constitute your caravan, load your goods (hide secret cargo away from spying eyes!) and take to the road!

Agree contracts with the blacksmiths’ and coppersmiths’ guild.

Along the way, maybe you will be able to do your part in saving your people from the hell you are in, from the Mists, from the cruel rule of the Auric. There are secrets to discover out there. Maybe you can find the truth, the way. Or part of it, at least. Out there.

In the Mists…

The game

At the core of the game is the management of your Expeditionary Company, which provides guarding services for journeys between the cities of Zekainar. Replayability is guaranteed by the huge number of possible combinations of client and destination, and by the way that decisions you make affect the outcome of those journeys.

Each journey is different, each client has their own specific demands, each of your guards bring different skills, abilities and personalities to the table, and as time passes the world around you changes too. You will have to adapt your strategy to all of these circumstances and possibilities as each month of the game passes.

But there is more than that. Expeditionary Company also contains exciting individual side quests which you will play from the point of view of one of your guards, more concerned with the handling of their sword and dagger than company accounts and stocks of goldash.

In essence Expeditionary Company offers an open-world game, where you make all the decisions, in a perilous, ever-changing reality.

Pay attention, because Elmuria and Zekainar change over time.

Who could ask for more?

Well, there is more! An enthralling story that takes you to the end of the world! Expeditionary Company offers a complete, immersive experience, full of mysteries to resolve along the roads of Zekainar and on the dark streets of its cities. You know that time is running out. Will you be able to get to the bottom of what is really happening to your world? Will you have the courage to face all of the terrifying challenges that fate throws before you? To take on the Auric themselves, who have enslaved your people? To enter the cursed Mists that devour the lands, rotting, corrupting all they touch? This is not a task for the faint of heart. You need to be brave and determined if you want to be worthy of the respect and trust your guards have placed in you.

Working the game tests with the prototypes

We are already working with the prototypes! Guard sheets, travel sheets, company sheets… All 3 books are written, and the demo in the photograph contains only 20% of the 500,000 words that narrate the 3,000 sections of the game.